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The Writing On The Wall | Jenny Eclair

The Writing On The Wall | Jenny Eclair

From acclaimed writer and comedian, Jenny Eclair, comes a hilarious and heart-breaking story about a friendship against all odds. Summer 1975: Helena is bored out of her mind - there's absolutely nothing to do and her supposed "best friends" Gwen and Elaine are holidaying in the South of France without her. The only saving grace is that she's allowed to re-decorate her room - bring on the purple floral wallpaper.

Summer 2021: New to the north, Hermione's mum has moved her away from London and all her friends to start a new life with new boyfriend Paul, who resembles a slab of meat from the butchers. Just as well she can paint over that hideous wallpaper in her new room. By some miracle, the girls meet.

When Hermione discovers Helena's writing under the wallpaper - she's transported back to Summer 1975 and the two instantly hit it off. But after dancing to the juke box at the infamous Blue Monkey cafe, and meeting Helena's multiple crushes, Hermione discovers a truth about Helena's future which suggests she is in great danger... Hermione found the writing on the wall.

But can she save Helena?