Building Our Bookshop

1 Albert Road

We're so excited that our banner is now up in the window, it's starting to all come together


Moving into a new shop during a pandemic wasn't part of the plan, but it'll be ok


Spring is nearly here, the sun felt warm. We can't wait to throw open the doors... soon

The Team

Calling this section 'The Team' is a bit of a stretch, because it's just us - Mel and Phil.

We like books, Southsea, dogs and pigeons. 

Our shop

1 Albert Road
Southsea, PO5 2SE

Open Monday to Friday 10am-5pm, Saturday 10am-4pm.


What we're reading

Beloved | Toni Morrison

Beloved | Toni Morrison

Discover Toni Morrison's most iconic work in this Pulitzer-prize winning novel that exemplifies her powerful and important place in contemporary American literature. 'An American masterpiece' AS ByattIt is the mid-1800s and as slavery looks to be coming to an end, Sethe is haunted by the violent trauma it wrought on her former enslaved life at Sweet Home, Kentucky. Her dead baby daughter, whose tombstone bears the single word, Beloved, returns as a spectre to punish her mother, but also to elicit her love.

Told with heart-stopping clarity, melding horror and beauty, Beloved is Toni Morrison's enduring masterpiece.