Please let us know if something you want is out of stock - we can usually get it within a couple of days!

About Us

We started Pigeon Books for three reasons:

1. We LOVE books.

2. We love Southsea.

3. We couldn't understand why no one had yet opened an independent bookshop in Portsmouth, especially Southsea. 

So Pigeon Books was imagined as a far away idea, an "if I ever win the lottery..." type-dream. But then one day we started thinking that maybe there was a way to start small, start with a pop-up here and a market day there, and start to be part of the Southsea community while we look for our permanent shop space... so here we are. 

We’re finally settled in our new home at 1 Albert Road - and although this has been an odd few years, we’re safe and secure with plenty of space to browse.

We hope to see you all soon!