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Guinea Pigs Go Stargazing | Kate Sheehy

Guinea Pigs Go Stargazing | Kate Sheehy

Join Bob and Ginger, two adorable guinea pigs, as they learn all about stars in this charming picture book. Bob and Ginger the guinea pigs have always had a fascination with the night sky. Every night they watch the stars through their bedroom window with curiosity.

Little ones will love to follow Bob and Ginger on their adventures to the library to learn all about stars and space, and then as they set off to go stargazing away from the bright city lights. This sweet storybook, written and charmingly illustrated by Kate Sheehy, gently introduces young children to the basic concepts of astronomy, from how stars are formed, to simple and easy-to-follow explanations of meteoroids, constellations, the Milky Way, and more. A book children will adore, Guinea Pigs Go Stargazing is full of cheerful illustrations and an engaging storyline that brings the night sky to life.

A perfect bedtime story and a must for every budding astronomer.