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Dad, Remember You Are Dead | Jacqueline Saphra

Dad, Remember You Are Dead | Jacqueline Saphra

Jacqueline Saphra follows her critically acclaimed, T. S. Eliot Prize shortlisted All My Mad Mothers (2017) with Dad, Remember You Are Dead.  A disturbing relationship lies at the core of poems that confront patriarchy, power and the male canon, and consider the damage dead men can inflict on living women.


These profoudly feminist poems bristle with terrors and tricksters, broken birds and groping hands, fists, myths and shadows - all the harsh lessons a man's world teaches to young girls and women.  With their hidden teeth and piercing bite, Saphra's poems dare to confront both bthe wounds and woundedness of experience and survival, and joyously recalim their right to be dazzling, vulgar and outspoken.  A remarkable collection of poetry that radiates a scorching, redemptive energy.