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Chaise Longue | Baxter Dury

Chaise Longue | Baxter Dury

Chaos and debauchery defined Baxter Dury's turbulent childhood. Abandoned by his punk rock star dad Ian Dury in the late 80s, Baxter was left in the hands of the Sulphate Strangler: a volatile, six-foot-seven drug dealer who lived up to his name. What could possibly go wrong?In a period that we can now only imagine, a young Baxter ricocheted from one adventure to another, narrowly swerving one disaster only immediately to collide with another.

At times, his situation was perilous in the extreme. Chaise Longue is an intimate account of those escapades, evocatively illuminating a bohemian west London populated with feverishly grubby characters. Narrated in Dury's candid tone, both sad and funny, this moving story will leave an indelible imprint on its readers.