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Celebrating Portsmouth | John Sadden

Celebrating Portsmouth | John Sadden

As Portsmouth approaches its centenary year as a city, this timely book celebrates the history of many of its wonderful traditions and locations and also attempts to capture the spirit of its proud people. Mudlarking, the Pompey Chimes, Charlotte Street market, Spice Island, Fratton Park and the Spinnaker are just some of the unique elements that have contributed to the colourful character and the enduring memories of Portsmuthians and their beloved historic city. The country's original, premier naval port as well as a large garrison town, Portsmouth punches above its weight in terms of defence heritage attractions - but there is far more to be discovered.

What shapes and makes the city, apart from its geography and natural resources, is its people. Over the years, through individual effort, entrepreneurship, innovation, bloody-mindedness and collective action, they have made their city a proud one, rich in history and achievement. Illustrated with over 100 images, this book offers a wealth of social history and will inspire the memories not only of local residents, but also of anyone who has ever known the city.

And for current visitors who wish to dig deeper into an understanding of what our city is and means, Celebrating Portsmouth is a good starting point. All readers will discover a rich source of heritage, of surprises and of inspiration leading to a deeper appreciation of this proud island city.