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Mala’s Cat | Mala Kacenberg

Mala’s Cat | Mala Kacenberg

Alone in a forest with only a cat for company - this is the deeply moving true story of one little girl's remarkable survival in the shadow of the HolocaustGrowing up in the Polish village of Tarnogrod, on the fringes of a deep pine forest, Mala has the happiest childhood anyone could hope for. But, when the Nazis invade, her beloved village becomes a ghetto and family and friends are reduced to starvation.

Taking matters into her own hands, she bravely removes her yellow star, and sneaks out to the surrounding villages for food. On her way back she receives a smuggled letter from her sister warning her to stay away: her loved ones have been rounded up for deportation. With only her cat, Malach, and the strength of the stories taught by her family, she must flee into the forest.

Malach becomes her family, her only respite from loneliness, a guide and reminder to stay hopeful even in the darkness. With her guardian angel by her side, Mala must find a way to navigate the dangerous forests, outwit German soldiers and hostile villagers, to survive, against all the odds.