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Watermelon | Marian Keyes

Watermelon | Marian Keyes

'Failed relationships can be described as so much wasted makeup .

. .'On the day she gives birth to her first child, Claire Walsh's husband James tells her he's been having an affair and now's the right time to leave her. Right for who exactly?Exhausted, tearful and a tiny bit furious, Claire can't think of what to do.

So she follows the instincts of all self-respecting adults in tricky situations. . .

and runs home to Mum and Dad. But while her parents are sympathetic, Claire's younger sisters are less so. Helen wants to share the new toy (baby Kate), while Anna is too busy having out-of-her-head experiences.

So when James slips back into her life, desperate to put things right, Claire doesn't know whether to take a chance on a past she feared she'd lost forever or face an uncertain future of her own. But is she as on her own as she really believes?